What Is The Best Way To Learn Foreign Languages?

What Is The Best Way To Learn Foreign Languages?

What Is The Best Way To Learn Foreign Languages?

According to a survey, the percentage of Americans who know a second language is less than one fifth. However, there are countless benefits of being bilingual, or at least being able to communicate in another dialect.

Why learn a foreign language

The most important reasons to learn foreign languages:
  • It is an advantage on your resume and can help you get more specialized jobs
  • Local people in foreign countries hold in high regard when you make an effort in their own tongue
  • It makes you better at your mother language
  • It is known to grow your brain and possible protect against Alzheimer’s.


Moreover, if you ask people all around the world, they would tell you their own reasons why they decided to adopt a foreign language.

Some, who like travelling would say that languages help them discover and experience like local; see and do what many visitors cannot; start a conversation; make new friends.

Others, who meet specific industry needs in their work or business department learned a language so as to engage in meaningful conversations; build lasting working relationships; venture into overseas market / industry.

Last, but not least reason is meeting new cultures! Younger people appreciate culture diversity and consider foreign languages essential for career development.


Languages widen your perspectives.

Best way to learn a new language

Which could be the best way to learn a new language? You can find many different approaches but some simple guidelines can make it a lot easier.

There are so many language apps available which are worth investigating:

  • Duolingo – A range of languages, including fictional dialects could not be excluded, and cute gamification aspects keep this a favourite top app, in the App Store. Duolingo is free.
  • Rosetta Stone – The most famous and maybe the most complete, Rosetta Stone can teach you how to connect words with pictures in real life circumstances. It has 24 language options. It definitely worths investing, although many would swear by it.
  • Babbel – This app points in the need of having practical, everyday conversations. Their moto is, “the faster you learn a language, the more inspiring you will become.”


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